1. chez_harris's Avatar
    hi, just wondering if any1 can help me, ive had the blackberry curve 9300 since july 2011 and ive never been able 2 download any apps, i have app world on the phone & ive got on I D,

    when i click on an app to download i enter my ID and password it authenticates then i have 2 scroll down the terms when i click I ACCEPT, it comes up witha page with my account information on & i cant get any further in the download, ive been 2 the shop that my network is with & they told me i have to ring or email blackberry but i cant find a telephone number or email address im so confused please help i want some new apps
    04-30-12 12:42 PM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Where are you located?
    04-30-12 02:52 PM