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    Karvi Technologies, Inc is doing a promotion through twitter. We will tweet out a free download link for our most popular app, Musical Clock and Weather on Feb 26, 2012. This app with its free version have been downloaded more than half million times. The paid version reached top 40 among all the paid apps, including games, themes and Playbook apps. If only counting apps it reached top 20. Please check out our home page(home.karvitech.com) or the crackberry review by Alicia Erlich. We can not post a web link yet, but it is easy to search and find the review. Just seach Musical Clock.

    Follow us on Twitter,our account on twitter is karvitech, and spread the words. You are also welcome to befriend us on facebook.

    Karvi Tech team.
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    02-19-12 03:16 PM
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    Can you make a new thread on the give-away day? I'm really forgetfull! Thank you very much!
    02-19-12 05:22 PM
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    @karvitech is now being followed.
    02-19-12 09:10 PM
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    @karvitech is now being followed.

    Same here

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    02-19-12 09:36 PM
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    just follow us, you will get the link through twitter.
    02-20-12 10:12 PM
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    I just noticed that this developer makes really good apps and some of them are free too... Thank you for this: Free Simple Flashlight Free - Download Simple Flashlight Free - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World
    02-20-12 10:45 PM
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    Now following @karvitech on Twitter.
    02-22-12 03:02 AM
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    The download link has been sent in a tweet. Follow us(karvitech) on twitter, you will get the download link. It is good for 5 days. Spread the words

    Karvi Tech team.
    02-26-12 12:11 AM
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    forgot to say that the link only works on a Blackberry phone. Click the link on a BB phone, you will be prompted todownload and install the app.
    02-26-12 01:04 AM
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    Got the link this morning and installed. Works a charm


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    02-26-12 12:23 PM