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    Hi all,
    I've only ever had 2 blackberrys, a storm that broke mid last year due to water damage and now I've got a 9300, if I remember correctly I could store apps and games to the SD card on the storm but can find no option for this on the 9300? Is it me or is there no way possible?

    2nd of all is does anyone know an OS7 icon theme for OS6 on the 9300? Doesn't look like OS7 will bless us 9300 owners!!

    02-16-12 09:57 AM
  2. wickedjeff's Avatar
    I can't seem also to save my downloaded apps into the memory card. But when I'm browsing my phone I saw an option that can move these applications to the memory card. That time it didn't matter to me coz I still don't have the memory card. But now, I forgot where did I saw that option. Will update you if ever I find it again.

    edit: i already found it but unfortunately it doesn't let me move my apps to memory card. i was wrong, my bad.
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    02-17-12 03:06 AM
  3. HPIDAN2011's Avatar
    Cheers mate, there's allot of talk on google, some saying there is an option, others saying there is no way possible. It could be an OS6 thing as to why not. Supposedly you press options while viewing installed games and apps and then copy to memory card or something along them lines.
    I'm pretty gutted, proper have to keep an eye on my phone to keep it running at good speeds etc.
    02-17-12 06:44 AM
  4. byul's Avatar
    no it is not possible, all applications downloaded are stored on the SD-memory card.
    Files like music, video's, images & memo's etc etc can be stored on both.
    02-17-12 06:54 AM
  5. wickedjeff's Avatar
    well i have read that you can archive an application and automatically stores in the memory card. but you cant use the application unless you reinstall it again.
    02-17-12 07:50 AM
  6. HPIDAN2011's Avatar
    Cheers for the help guys, I'll have a read up and see what I can do, and I've heard of archiving and re-installing but I'm not 100% how to do it.
    Thanks again
    02-17-12 03:18 PM