1. suzi_hughes's Avatar
    Ive been having problems with my Blackberry 9900 for about 2 weeks, no email, bbm etc - most of this has now been sorted however when i try to get onto blackberry app world or facebook/twitter i get the following message:

    'You are currently on a service plan that requires a wi-fi connection to use this application. If you want to use this application outside of wi-fi please contact your service provider for an upgrade to your data plan'

    I have spoken with Vodafone who are saying everything on my account is as it should be and that this is a blackberry error!

    Please help me

    03-02-12 04:48 AM
  2. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Doe you have the 4 dot Blackberry symbol at the top of your screen. Everything you say seems to indicate that you are not connected to RIM. Can't believe that you are into two weeks with no service and have not hit the ceiling! Vodo is responsible to fix no matter whose fault it is! GO TO SEE THEM with your device!
    03-02-12 05:14 AM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    Options/Device/Advanced System Settings/Host Routing Table/Menu/Register Now. This may help.
    03-02-12 09:56 AM
  4. suzi_hughes's Avatar
    Hi, thank you for your reply. I do have the 4 dot blackberry symbol in he top right hand corner of my screen, just don't know what the problems. I've been on the phone to vodafone almost every day and they have old me o ome on here or contact berry direct - it's driving me mad! I can't get on to app world or anything!
    03-04-12 11:46 AM
  5. sa1ya's Avatar

    I am also facing the same problem, can you please tell me the solution for this.
    10-10-12 06:35 AM
  6. sa1ya's Avatar
    hey what u talking about the 4 dot?, whats this?
    I am also having the same issue , you have solution for this?
    10-10-12 06:39 AM
  7. san1andreas's Avatar
    well i fixed that one problem now this is happeing with my fb app and slacker radio and i love them box
    11-04-12 09:14 PM
  8. smaah's Avatar
    yes i aslo have the same problem with my blackberry 9780
    03-11-13 06:45 AM
  9. smaah's Avatar
    actually it says the service plan for your blackberry does not support this application, as a result i don't have network.
    03-11-13 06:46 AM