1. tllx2's Avatar
    Hello Guys and Gals,
    I am hoping that you can help me with a problem with installing applications on my Storm. After downloading the application a text box pops up stating the application was successfully installed then you can click either ok or run. When I click run a box pops up stating " Uncaught exception: java.lang.error." If I hit ok and then go to the download folder and open up the application from there I get the same error. This error has happened on most of the app's I try to install. I was hoping somebody might have a remedy for this issue.
    Thanks, Travis
    07-28-09 08:09 AM
  2. Charmed Juan's Avatar
    What application are you trying?
    Have you set the permissions?
    Go to options/advanced options/applications/the app you have downloaded/BB button and edit permissions. You should set them to allow.
    07-28-09 08:22 AM
  3. tllx2's Avatar
    Thank you. i had no idea I had to do that.
    07-28-09 08:39 AM