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    I have seen the list of what Errors can possibly nuke or brick a phone. However, I am stumped on this one. I can't find a single thread about App Error 608.
    I want to know what it is and what it will do to my phone?

    If there is a thread or if some tech wiz knows what this Error is Please let me know.

    I am on the newest leak with the 9900 for the .267.
    Carrier ATT

    I was installing this new app I saw on App World called Jeeosuite, and wanted to try it out. Phone was working fine, and then after checking the phone again after the backlight went off, I noticed this error.

    I have not reset it like the error states to because I am afraid it will not recover.
    02-23-12 02:19 AM
  2. calicocat2010's Avatar
    Anyone know the answer?
    02-23-12 11:28 AM
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    The error 608 is "could not initialize device error"

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    02-23-12 11:36 AM
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    Ok, well I did a battery pull and the device is fine.
    02-23-12 11:38 AM