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    So my wife tries to install app world, and her 8230 locks up and displays only app error 523. After hours on the phone will Bell, and no results they decide to send a new phone. Anybody else have issues with the 8230? The tech guys are morons, tried to blame it on everything. They insisted that the desktop manager was at fault, however it works fine with my curve. My computer sees the phone, device manager sees it, but when trying to reinstall the OS, it can't find it. No problems i guess just a pain in the ***.
    04-07-09 02:46 PM
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    Try this thread. I've killed my 8220 a couple times and this works to wipe and restore your blackberry. Won't necessarily make app world function, but it'll get the phone working.

    BlackBerry 101: How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry | CrackBerry.com
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    04-07-09 03:38 PM