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    Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me. I have been looking for a fix for this problem for hours now and if i could get my Blackberry connected then I would delete all the apps i've recently downloaded and that would probably be that! Unfortunately i can't connect my Blackberry to the Desktop Software. With the Blackberry connected through the USB i place the battery into the phone and it begins booting, my carrier's start up screen comes up and then my home screen comes up even though i haven't entered a pin and the usual verifying security settings hasn't come up. The minute the home screen loads it freezes with a message saying uncaught exception index 4<=4 and then nearly straight away the screen goes white and App Error 523 appears. Sometimes the home screen won't come up and it'll just go straight to the App Error screen, sometimes the Verifying Secutiry Setting screen comes up and sometimes Connecting to Desktop or the phone connecting to the computer icons comes up on the screen but it ALWAYS goes to the "App Error 523 reset" screen after a couple of seconds.

    I'm at a complete loss, how can i even reset the phone if i can't connect it to my computer? I've tried booting it in safe mode, i've tried pressing alt lglg when the home screen appears to see the log screen but the problem does be frozen at this point and it doesn't stay on long enough to connect it so i can remove applications!

    If anyone could help me i'd be really appreciative!
    02-28-11 08:40 PM
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    I read a little thru this thread. One person mentioned pulling their micro SD card and rebooting and it fixed it. Others had to reload software etc. Take a read thru it.

    02-28-11 09:24 PM
  3. bbtech2011's Avatar
    @mccartney.jen Please tell me if you have found a solution to this problem because I have the exact same problem! And cant connect to my pc to reload the OS! I need help before I decide to disconnect my phone service.
    08-25-11 01:30 PM
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    Hey guys did you find the solution to connect the device with the Desktop Manager because I m experiencing the same thing?
    05-27-12 04:14 AM
  5. WIHHELM's Avatar
    may i know if there is already an answer to this prob? cos i am experiencing the same thing. My phone was previously set as NO in an auto enable mass storage device when connected. Which means the setting is not to connect automatically with the pc. ANd as i experience the same thing, I cant connect to pc? How will i fix that app error 523? pls help. Pls send a link to my email for a possible help. Thank you. wihhelmcoste@gmail.com
    06-23-13 09:23 PM