1. kraidx's Avatar
    I have had this error message on my Curve 8520.

    What solutions are there besides wipping the data on the device.

    Is there a way to backup the data before erasing all the data?

    I have looked into these solutions:

    Blackberry Smartphone Error 523 , App Error 523 , JVM 523 | Top Search For You

    The solution using JL_Cmder/javaloader its not working as I have XP64 and OS X.

    Desktop manager does not recognize the device and/or freezes. Hence I am unable to do a backup.

    05-16-12 08:10 PM
  2. untraceble's Avatar
    I got this error too. My bb restarted more than 10 times with all combinitions tried.

    Then I pulled out my SIM and inserted another SIM without Enterprise Activation.

    Used it for few hours and put my SIM Back in.

    It worked so I thought to share.
    09-27-12 07:19 AM