1. R0ku's Avatar
    A friend of mine asked me to take a look at her phone because it would suddenly restart. I checked it and after booting the OS it starts the software verification check and it stops at around 70% then it goes to App Error 523 with Reset being the only option.

    I've downloaded the OS I want to load up to the device and I have my Desktop manager up to date

    I've looked around the forums and so far I've tried the following:
    Using my App Loader to try to reinstall the OS, but the App Loader gets stuck at Connecting to Device after reading the system configuration since the phone goes to Error 523.

    Tried booting into safe mode, but I couldn't get it to boot on this option. I've pulled the battery and upon restart I hold back key and wait till the OS loads but it goes on normally without the Safe mode prompt. Then the phone goes into error 523. The phone is running OS 5.

    What else should I try, since most of the options require the phone to be connected to the PC which I can't seem to do since the OS crashes after 5 secs from boot.

    Thanks for your time.
    10-19-11 11:50 AM
  2. untraceble's Avatar
    I got this error too. My bb restarted more than 10 times with all combinitions tried.

    Then I pulled out my SIM and inserted another SIM without Enterprise Activation.

    Used it for few hours and put my SIM Back in.

    It worked so I thought to share.
    09-27-12 07:19 AM