1. illestchop's Avatar
    i installed the new os.. and the new bbm 5.0...and the phone works fine! but if i take out the battery and put it back in and turn it on this error comes up? is there a reason y? some1 plz help me?
    08-24-09 10:57 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    It's a critical Java process error. Something isn't installed right, or doesn't work right with your OS release. Which OS did you install, and did you check that all 3rd party apps were compatible. If you go to your home screen and press alt L G L G, the first bold event you come to should be the error. Click on it, and see what it says.
    08-25-09 05:57 AM
  3. danielhume's Avatar
    It says E net.rim.tunnel-STcr-0000
    08-26-09 08:31 AM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I'm getting nothing on a google search, I'll have to check my files when I get home. Of course anyone else with a clue is always welcome to chime in.

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    08-26-09 02:02 PM