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    what is this guys?
    it appeared on my phone a couple times, and usually i just take the battery and out and put it in aagain and it starts working (even if i click restart under it)
    but a couple days ago, that didnt work for like 10 minutes,
    and the phone kept doing that as it was starting up, then i cliked restart and IT COMPLETELY EARSED MY PHONE TO BEFOREE, except it had my contacts..
    then i took the battery out like 2 more times aftr that and everything is back to normal now...

    can someone explain this to me?
    thanks in advancee dudes
    11-25-08 04:41 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    11-25-08 04:53 PM
  3. 0ndbv32's Avatar
    11-25-08 06:31 PM
  4. 0ndbv32's Avatar
    that was no help...
    11-25-08 06:33 PM
  5. anon(2088)'s Avatar
    Pull the battery and let it sit for at least a minute, then put the battery back in. If that doesn't help, upgrade your os to at least .185. If that doesn't work, then exchange it for another.

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    11-25-08 08:58 PM
  6. 0ndbv32's Avatar
    alright thanks
    but what is this error?
    can you please fill me inn?
    11-25-08 09:37 PM
  7. sunkast's Avatar
    Did you read any of the links from the search results? Reload the OS. All the information is there for the taking.
    11-25-08 09:57 PM
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    noo please sum it up in simple words lolllll
    11-25-08 09:58 PM