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    I am trying to upgrade my software to 4.7. I started the download through desktop manager and now am getting a white screen with App Error 200. I've tried connecting the phone through Desktop Manager again, but it's asking for a password. I've never set a password, but Desktop Manager is asking for one, and can't connect to my phone without it. I tried 0000 and 1234 but those didn't work. I've tried a battery pull 3 times and that isn't helping either- I just get the App Error 200 screen again. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.
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    06-17-09 01:01 AM
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    06-17-09 09:24 AM
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    Thank you. I had already seen most of these articles. I just can't get past the password piece.
    06-17-09 09:47 AM