1. JamesButabi's Avatar
    I upgraded my OS using DM and everything was running smooth. All of the issues I had in my previous post today were gone.

    I then went to install Opera Mini. During the process I got an app 200 error. I really really dont want to lose my information. The backup screen in DM doesnt show the original backup I did. Any suggestions on how to get me back up and rolling

    edit: I found a backup file with my contacts and such.
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    09-01-09 11:56 PM
  2. ibbeach0's Avatar
    Try switching to a stock theme and a battery pull.
    09-02-09 01:04 PM
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    I got my phone back to original condition. I did a battery pull, and the second I put the battery back in, I plugged in my phone and loaded up DM. I went to the applications and quickly went through the screen with opera unchecked. It removed the apps and restored my phone. I was lucky enough to have a backup file and didnt lose any of my information.
    09-02-09 04:36 PM