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    Hey everybody,
    As the title indicates, I know that this topic has been discussed before but I've been started thinking about this again recently, so just hear me out...
    I've had a Torch 9800 since the first moment it was avalaible in my country and I'm very happy with it, it's my 3rd BB (4 if you count work) and I don't wanna use any other brands so let's get that out of the way before people start telling me to get another phone.
    Originally, I wanted to Torch because 1. the size of the screen is just wonderful (even tho it means a thicker device cause of the slider, but that's a different issue ) and 2. it's the best of both worlds, keyboard to type (can't possible type on touch screen, also hate that it gets dirty) and touch screen to browse on websites or through pictures (which I found out I don't really do, still use the trackpad) but very soon the touch screen became a problem for me. Let me explain : when the phone is in my pocket (ANOTHER ISSUE : the screen/keypad lock at the top is really useless, my only criticism of BB's ) the touch screen starts setting off all kinds of things (calling, writing email, memo, etc, even posting on facebook...) and it's very annoying, also while using it, I wanna be able to grab the screen without making something happen...
    SO MY QUESTION - I know there is no way to deactivate the touch screen or at least no option for it but I am very surprised that there is no APP for this... I don't know if any of you guys are able to write apps but if there is anyone out there who knows how to do this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it I am willing to give a lot of $$$ for it!
    This question also holds for the new Bold series as I've seen they are all getting touch screens and I'm afraid BB is only gonna have touch screen phones soon, which is very sad imo and def not an upgrade, but obviously the phones are getting better so I will stay with BB but will be needing this app to disable touch screens desperately... So thanks, I hope I have explained my reasons clearly because I know a lot of people wonder why buy a touch screen phone if you don't want a touch screen, but I got it for the other features, and am thinking about getting the new super skinny Bold, so I'm not trying to be negative about anything BB here except the touch screens ^^
    03-26-12 09:08 AM
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    The only way I can think of is too disconnected the digitizer from the lcd although the will probably mean the sensor for calls and everything won't work
    06-08-12 07:01 PM