1. lockerc18's Avatar
    I just got the shipping notice for my Tour, and am really looking forward to getting this thing tomorrow. But, I have a couple of questions about it...

    1) There has been some good discussion here about the differences between the Tour and the Bold. One difference is evidently that the Bold has the ability to run some applications concurrently, whereas the Tour doesn't. I believe music is one such app. Now, I'm not big on using my BB for music (I know, that's heretical...) but I have used VZ Navigator, and liked it. So, my question is, if I'm using VZ Nav, and a call comes in, does VZ Nav get stopped so I can take the call? I use a Blue Ant headset, so this is all voice controlled, if that matters.

    2) There has also been some good discussion about the performance of various BBs relative to each other, like the Bold vs the Tour. Isn't is kind of apples and oranges to compare the performance of a CDMA device to a GSM device? My point is that I'd believe there is a difference between the requirements of handling CDMA signals vs GSM, at least at some level, and that would have an impact on the overall device performance. I don't know if one is more efficient than the other, or otherwise has less overhead. But isn't it fruitless to compare performance of two devices with different networking technologies? Does the processor's Hz really matter that much in this respect, if it's relatively close to the other device's?

    07-13-09 09:52 AM