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    Hey....looking for some advice.
    Plugged my phone in last night to charge and this morning it showed a white screen that said app error 523. Touch the screen and it goes into reboot mode. It reboots but before it fully loads the next message is uncaught exception: Index 3 > = 3. click ok as you have no choice then it goes back to app error 523 white screen.
    I hooked up to pc and while in reboot caught the apploader through DM and deleted all but messenger for apps thinking this would save me but no luck.
    I tried backing up but it wont back up....
    Any ideas?
    PS i think my system is
    12-22-09 09:55 PM
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    App Error 523
    12-22-09 10:09 PM
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    You can read through this and see if some of the suggestions help. I suspect you may have to wipe your phone and reload the os. I hope you have recent backup's.

    12-22-09 10:09 PM
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    thanks for the advice....I'm gonna try restoring. I backed up last month. Hopefully that will work.
    12-22-09 11:16 PM
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    Neta: My bb 8520 is showing uncaught exception index 23>=23 and application error 523,pls I need your help to get through this problem. It happens whenever I reboot,can't use my phone for anything.
    Will be thankful if anybody helps me out.

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    01-17-10 08:22 AM