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    I know the iPhone has been out for a few years now and just browsing through the App Store the other day on my ipod touch I was really amazed at how many great apps are out there and how dedicated the developers are to making such great apps for the iphone. I decided to download a few of the top apps such as zombieville, flight control, metal gear solid, facebook, etc. As I was using those apps and realizing how well designed they are I was looking at my storm and hoping that someday soon apps like this will be available specifically for the storm and not any other blackberry.

    Since apple only has one platform and one phone, I think this makes it much more streamlined for developers. RIM has a ton of devices all running on different versions. All the devices have different size screens, resolutions, etc. I think this makes it difficult for a developer to create a quality app since they have to spend so much time making the app work properly on all the different devices and software versions (trackball vs touch screen).

    If RIM ruly wants to compete with the iphone then they really need to focus on making the blackberry storm their flagship phone. Phones like the curve, bold, should simply be viewed as phones for business users and I feel developers should shy away from spending their time making their apps work for those phones. They should only focus on making a great app that will run on the storm as well as it runs on the iphone.

    I know there are 18 million iphone users compared to a few million storm users, but again the storm is so new and has a lot of potential. I think if RIM continued to focus and market the storm it could truly be a great iphone competitor.

    I don't think it would be very difficult for iphone app developers to port their apps onto the storm, but I do think it would be a hassle for them to have to port the apps onto the bold or curve platform. This would require them to change a lot of code to make the app from a touch screen app to an app that runs on a track ball and a keyboard. I just dont think it's worth their time or effort.

    Anyhow just my thoughts and I hope to see some good apps soon on the storm.
    04-04-09 09:12 AM
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    I agree. Our apps suck big hairy donkey ***** compared to their apps. I hope it gets better. But it will take time.

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    04-04-09 09:25 AM
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    Only time will tell, right?
    04-04-09 01:24 PM
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    It will never get better, until the developer tools get better.

    Read up on the java platform of development tools and you will understand.

    Do any of you even understand how happy Viigo was when they were able to get Viigo to look as good as it does now?

    You sacrifice so much with that look though in the way of memory that it's not even funny cause java constantly caches then dumps memory over and over and over it's like...defragmenting your hard drive on your PC on a daily basis. That would trash your HDD just like java trashes your memory.

    Great applications will come at a cost, memory.

    Great applications will come when RIM decides to actually move away from BBOS as we know it and not until then.
    04-04-09 01:31 PM