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    Any pro's and con's?

    BerrySilent allows you to silence your BlackBerry by simply flipping it over (Storm only) or pressing a convenience key. BerrySilent is fully customizable. You can set the phone profile (Normal, Vibrate, Silence etc) to switch to as well as the profile to return to on switching back. You can either set a fixed profile or have BerrySilent automatically switch back to the previously active profile.
    When silencing your phone via the convenience key you can select to automatically lock the device. On unlock the profile will automatically switch back.
    Furthermore you can select the profiles in which BerrySilent is allowed/not allowed to switch. This can be especially useful if you do not want to switch from vibrate to silence when flipping over your Storm.

    Please download the correct version for your device.
    Download BerrySilent 1.0.35 (Free 3 day trial, OS 4.2.1 and higher)
    Download BerrySilent 1.0.35 (Free 3 day trial, OS 4.7 and higher)
    Download BerrySilent 1.0.35 (Free 3 day trial, OS 5.0 and higher)
    Where to Buy
    After the 3 day trial you may buy BerrySilent for only USD $3.99
    BerrySilent is available for purchase at BerrySilent - Ultimate Ringer Switch - Personal Productivity BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Software Store
    • Switch to specified profile on launching app/convenience key
    • Switch to specified profile when flipping the phone over (Storm only)
    • Return to selectable profile when launching again/flipping back
    • Return to previous profile when launching again/flipping back (not yet available on OS 5.0)
    • Option to lock the device after switching (Automatically returns to a specified/previous profile when unlocking device)
    • Play tone/vibrate on succesfull profile switch (not yet available on OS 5.0)
    • Play tone/vibrate when profiler switch fails (not yet available on OS 5.0)
    • Only switch profile when currently in a specified profile (not yet available on OS 5.0)
    • Silences the ringer when phone is flipped over while ringing
    10-19-09 12:41 PM
  2. kcpaynev1's Avatar
    its a great app and i havent heard of anyone having a problem yet

    refer to my thread http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/new...lshare-338133/

    or the thread on the official bellshare fourms www.bellshare.com • View forum - BerrySilent
    10-19-09 07:32 PM
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    The one review it has says it doesn't work with custom profiles. Even at the sale price it's too expensive for what it does in my mind, let alone the regular price. After I got BerryBuzz I learned about bellshare support or lack thereof, so I'll stay away from this and just put my phone on silent when thats what I want.
    10-19-09 08:38 PM