1. mustangv8's Avatar
    I just found out about these 2 on here yesterday from some fellow forum members. I wanted to know if anyone has them and how good they run?
    Basically, I have a storm with unlimited internet through VZ. I don't feel like sending even more money to VZ for internet that I am already paying for on the phone. But am looking for a program that I can run on my dell netbook, to get the internet on my dell through the use of my phone. Like a connection running the internet on my dtorm to the computer through the usb.

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
    10-15-09 05:27 PM
  2. compressor's Avatar
    I too am on VZ unlimited.
    I used Tetherberry for two months while my home internet was down. (long story)
    It worked suprisingly well, was reasonalby fast and is simple to use. You probably don't want to stream video or audio too much though. And be careful with that "unlimited". I've been told that
    it really caps at about 5 gig a month.
    Shouldn't be too much of a problem for casual internet surfing.
    Tetherberry was well worth it.
    Your mileage may vary.
    10-15-09 05:39 PM
  3. Wgreenjr_81's Avatar
    has anyone run into issues with At&t about this? I'd much rather spend $50 once then pay for a teathering plan every month.
    10-20-09 02:19 AM