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    hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone in the UK is able to use slacker, as it just does not seem to work for me....If anyone is using it, can you please post how you got it to work or what settings you had to change?
    02-19-09 09:14 AM
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    Right now the licensing agreements will only allow Slacker to broadcast n the USA. I have read this in a couple spots here in the forum and on the Slacker Website in their forums.


    Scroll down about 1/2 way. The link may not work.

    This is what was said:

    Originally Posted by backsidetailslide
    this looks amazing! i have a problem i hope someone can help me with. im in canada on bell and all i get is "buffering" when trying to play songs. what gives?Quote:

    ooo sorry buddy. License agreements.... U.S. ONLY.

    I shouldve mentioned that. sorry.

    They ARE working on allowing canadians to use it, but it might be a few weeks.

    But I would check there forums to be sure.
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    02-19-09 09:58 AM
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    Oh that's too bad I hope they are working on it for the uk as well...I would also love to see a lastfm app for the storm..

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    02-19-09 11:19 AM