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    I have a 9780 and this didn't work. But with the 7.1 API they seem to indicate that some handsets support FM Radio. I'm using the Java microedition TunerControl ( TunerControl (BlackBerry JDE 5.0.0 API Reference) ) here instead of the 7.1 FM Tuner Control. But it might work. Anyone who has a newer OS 7 device want to test this? It's just a quick test to see if FM radio is possible. I don't know which handsets have FM tuners combined on their chipboard, but maybe some do. I imagine you would need a wired earbuds connected to receive it and preferably not be in a basement. Also you would have to trust it permissions-wise I suppose.

    You need to enter the FM station in 100 hertz. i.e. 101.1 would be 1011000 , 95.5 would be 955000 (if that doesn't work try it with one less zero, there are conflicting reports on the conversion). Then press the button and it would hopefully start playing.

    You need to close it and reopen after each attempt as this is just a quick and dirty app to test for FM reception.

    If you test please just reply Yes or No with your handset model. I doubt any OS 5 or 6 will work but you are welcome to try. I wouldn;t waste your time if you have a 9780 as it didn't work on mine.

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    I get nothing on a 9900 with OS .503
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    11-19-11 07:36 PM
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    Didn't work on my 9900. Would of been awesome if it had though.

    Edit: same OS v as Bla1ze
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    11-19-11 07:38 PM
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    Any devs see anything wrong with my use of TunerControl?:

    int freqtext = Integer.parseInt(freqfield.getText());
        	try {
        	Player play = Manager.createPlayer("capture://radio");
            TunerControl tunercnt = (TunerControl) play.getControl("TunerControl");
           // play.prefetch();
            tunercnt.setFrequency(freqtext, TunerControl.MODULATION_FM); 
        	} catch (MediaException me){
        	} catch (IOException ioe){
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    dont catch exceptions. For some reason the jvm doesnt show stacktraces for exceptions that you catch.my guess is that it assumes you know what caused the exception and have delt with it accordingly. anyway use throwable and see if an exception is generated & you'll also get a stacktrace
    11-19-11 09:08 PM
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    Installed just for this test, it seems to do a google search that's it.

    9900 on .540

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    11-20-11 05:06 AM
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    Wouldn't you need 7.1 on a device to use the FMTunerControl?
    11-21-11 07:47 AM
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    you probably didn't read the dev doc carefully or just too eager to try.

    the FM Radio feature DOES NOT work on any market devices. It will be in future new devices based on OS7.1
    11-21-11 11:21 AM
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    01-14-12 10:54 AM
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    I found some useful FM radio 7.1 snippets here: https://developer.blackberry.com/jav...986076_11.html

    Perhaps your test app can be recompiled using them, to give a more useful result with the newer 7.1 devices? No FM tuner app came with my 9370 7.1 upgrade, but that doesn't mean Verizon didn't just toss it, in order to make users pay for streamed radio instead.
    08-16-12 09:37 AM