1. rayxxxle's Avatar
    I have an invite to join, and want some input on the two choices, 1. with or 2. without a phone number.
    According to the invite, I have to make the decision when I join, and it is not changeable.

    Can someone give me the pros and cons of each way? Also, is there any cost involved?

    Any other info you deem helpful, or personal opinions would be appreciated.

    04-08-10 03:39 PM
  2. joryoung's Avatar
    The invite is only for "with a phone number" Without is just using gvoice as you're voicemail similar to youmail. So I would say with a phone number.... There is no cost as long as you are not calling overseas.

    edit: Anyone can do gvoice w/o a phone number, but once you have created you're gvoice with a phone number you can add regular gvoice vmail as you're regular number vmail to (which is nice because it transcribes you're vmail for free)
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    04-08-10 03:54 PM
  3. HellKatzX's Avatar
    Now I'm confused
    04-08-10 05:30 PM
  4. jgreen1tc's Avatar
    google.com/voice has a bunch of useful info about with vs without a google number. Once I get an invite i'll be going without. Too much hassle to change the number and I really only want the visual voicemail.

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    04-08-10 05:37 PM
  5. dkingsf's Avatar
    ...use it only as alternative VM system. Sometimes it's handy to get the VM's in text, but usually they don't translate exactly. About the same as closed captioning on TV, lol.

    But I use the activate/deactivate call forwarding on VZ (*72nnnnnnnnnn, *73) to go back and forth.

    BTW, you don't need to deactivate google voice. Leave it active and just use above so you can use both in different situations. Just make sure you put your GV access phone number and pin somewhere. I store them in my contacts.
    04-09-10 08:56 AM