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    I have had an issue uploading pics with the 'send to facebook' option for quite sometime. 2 of my friends have no problems. I have tried to re-register but can't seem to get a new confirmation code to try. Also done numerous battery pulls and uninstalling/reinstalling FB. Nothing seems to make it work again. Can anyone help??
    Thx in advance

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    02-20-10 04:18 PM
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    Facebook has been having issues lately with their service, but now they're up and good: Facebook Developers | Platform Live Status

    I don't understand why people believe it is the Facebook app on their BlackBerry, trying to reinstall it and do battery pulls. Haha must be the addiction
    02-20-10 04:24 PM
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    I've only done what others have suggested and what have worked for them, but thx for your input..

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    02-20-10 04:35 PM
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    Any software you use to connect to a cloud should not be diagnosed first, rather have a look at the cloud itself when experiencing problems.

    I mean, it doesn't help much to battery pull and reinstall software if the cloud is down (cloud = Facebook). However, if the cloud is up and running, but your software not playing nicely, then there is reason to pull that battery
    02-20-10 04:48 PM
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    I understand what your saying. FB now seems to be pretty stable with all their changes, so I hear. I do not have reg internet, just my BB, so that's hear say. If that's true, and its not the app I will probably take my BB to the repair center and check the phones software.

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    02-20-10 04:57 PM
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    well you could always try m.facebook.com from the browser if the app doesn't work.
    02-20-10 05:01 PM
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    Your very knowledgeable, that worked Woohoo! Everything associated with the app, except the uploading feature, works great. Any ideas as to why or what could possibly fix it?

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    02-20-10 05:39 PM
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    hmm I'm having issues uploading pictures myself from the Facebook website. Might be an API issue or something. Try again tomorrow or later today if you can, can be a temporary issue (assuming it's not your BlackBerry).
    02-20-10 05:41 PM
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    I've been having that problem for a good 2 months or so, going thru the FB app. I will try it later tonight, but to be honest after 2 months of it not working I'm guessing a few hours or a day won't change the outcome. Could a problem with the app be fixed by a BB software fix?

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    02-20-10 05:49 PM
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    Ok well it worked once and now it won't. Hmm I think a trip to the repair center wouldn't hurt...how frustrating

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    02-20-10 07:26 PM
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    It's never worked for me. I just use the upload via email function for facebook.
    02-20-10 07:50 PM
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    Even that isn't working for me today. I got a noreply message saying that function is temporarily unavailable :-/

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    02-20-10 08:18 PM
  13. Since9600's Avatar
    It is off and on.. Some days it is flawless and some days I have to resend 3-5 times before something posts...
    02-20-10 10:32 PM
  14. StormJH1's Avatar
    Now that we're in mid-March, are people still having issues with this? I have the two mobile facebook sites (x.facebook.com and m.facebook.com) bookmarked on QuickLink, and I alternate between those for basically 99% of my FB use on Blackberry. The only reason I haven't deleted the FB app altogether is that I did find the "Send to Facebook" option very convenient (when it actually worked).

    There are apps for Twitter like TwitPic and TwitVid that do nothing other than upload media to Twitter. Is there a similar app for Facebook? I know that iTookThisOnMyPhone does it, but I'm already using it for Picasa, and I want something separate for Facebook so I can differentiate between which pics I'm posting.

    Also, can you upload photos using just the mobile sites? How does that work? (It's certainly a heck of a lot easier to VIEW FB photos using x.facebook.com) Thanks.
    03-17-10 03:05 PM
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    I've got another question about an icon that just happened to show up on my homescreen, but I can not post a new thread Q. What gives??!!

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    03-21-10 06:00 PM
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    If there is an app specifically for uploading pics to FB I sure would like to know about it
    I can only upload using my upload email, which is very inconveinient when I'd like to put pics in certain albums (which I have not been able to do for quite some time now).

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    03-21-10 06:07 PM
  17. arsenalsocal's Avatar
    Changing camera settings to MEDIUM instead of LARGE does solve the problem when uploading pictures; however, in my experience with other users, not having the latest OS also causes the problem.
    You could always do it the long way:
    you have to be logged on to facebook on your PC. Then click on account (upper right), then settings, then mobile, then FB mobile. Then it will tell you what your FB email address is. To send a pic from your BB, put in your FB email like you are sending them an email. For the subject - write the caption you want to use for the pic. Then attach the picture and voila!
    03-31-10 02:12 AM