1. MikeSuede's Avatar
    Since yesterday afternoon, I noticed that almost all my cities including my home are stuck on yesterday morning's results. Now the app still updates when its supposed to but keeps showing the same info. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
    04-12-10 08:43 AM
  2. Mr. Orange 645's Avatar
    I've had that happen to me. I thin sometimes wunderground (which is the source for BW) stops polling certain weather stations. If I were you, I would go to the meek and look for nearby stations and switch to a different station. I've had tp do that before myself.

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    04-12-10 08:56 AM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    Yep sounds like the weather stations are not reporting the correct info..

    It's not the app. The app only get the info from WU...... If the info is not correct it's the station...
    04-12-10 09:07 AM
  4. MikeSuede's Avatar
    Good to know it isn't the app. I didn't think so since I haven't had a problem with it on this OS. I guess I'll sit down and figure out how to switch the stations. Thanks for the info Mr Orange and Yester 18. Your help is appreciated.
    04-12-10 09:22 AM
  5. greydarrah's Avatar
    Mine is working fin in Ga. Have you tried a battery pull?

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    04-12-10 10:20 AM
  6. bad_boy321's Avatar
    had the same issue yesterday. It cleared itself up and all is good now. In VA.
    04-12-10 10:36 AM