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    This app, Mr. Number, greatly concerns me as after reading the sites info and user comments - very few people "get" what is at stake using this app. Here is info from the site linked from Blackberry.com ( I bolded and color changed to emphasize my points):
    Mr. Number is a caller ID and contact backup service for your BlackBerry® smartphone.
    - Back up all of your contacts online and move them to any supported phone.
    - Get reverse lookup for any US number.
    - Share data with other members to get automatic reverse lookup (caller ID).
    - Catch telemarketers and other nuisance callers before they can waste your time.
    - Add new contacts to your address book with one click.
    - Report spam calls and texts.
    - Control what other Mr. Number members see when you call them.
    Mr. Number is crowd-sourced caller ID. When you get calls and texts from numbers that you don't recognize, Mr. Number members tell you who is calling. If you don't want to share data, get the premium version of the app (Mr. Number Professional) in App World.
    "When you get calls and texts from numbers that you don't recognize, Mr. Number members tell you who is calling" - this works solely because others have sold-out their friends, family and associates personal info!!!!!
    Rarely will people pay for the premium version, the trade off being that users blatantly allow this app to copy and archive all the info in their contact list- the private home, business and cell numbers that your friends and associates have trusted that Mr. Number user with!

    If I give you my private number, it is reprehensible that this info be passed along into a database without consent, yet that is exactly what ignorant users are doing to utilize this "free" app!
    Out of 279 user reviews on this apps site, it seems only a very rare few "get" the implications! I love free stuff, but my right to anything ends when it is morally wrong! To use my contacts entrusted info of other persons, just to be able to use a freebie, is entitlement at it's ugly best! If more people posted this point on the apps site, and in related forums, then maybe we could at least educate the sad moral climate and possibly sway it to be more responsible.
    People are NOT entitled to what is not theirs, and other peoples private names and numbers are never yours to bargain with!!!
    09-23-10 04:14 PM
  2. taadow1030's Avatar
    Solid points & a very valid concern. Thanks for passing this along.
    09-24-10 06:56 AM
  3. Raistlin1's Avatar
    Wow that is pretty insane, is that even legal?
    09-24-10 08:27 AM
  4. ba_hamilton's Avatar
    I don't get apps like this. Everybody I know that could possibly call me is already in my address book. If I get an unidentified call I either choose to not answer the call or I hang up after 2 seconds if it is someone I don't wish to talk to.
    09-24-10 08:33 AM
  5. Laurens Rietveld's Avatar
    Half a year ago google plugged some holes in it's terms of service, resulting in mr number not to crowd-source and share the address books.
    For more information see this blog post, or this blog post by the mr. ticket CEO
    06-14-13 03:37 AM