1. acevansIT's Avatar
    Firstly, please do not turn this into another 'please send me an invite thread. There are hundreds of those already - search is your friend, don't be lazy! Also, please use the other threads to vent your frustrations about why they might not have sent you an invite yet.. :-)

    So, does anyone have any info on what might be included in the new SS update that was discussed in the blackberry empire article,

    SocialScope Previewing Unreleased Version at Jakarta Social Event New Version Landing in April | BlackBerry Empire

    I for one would be happy with the ability to like Facebook comments, at least then there would be one app where this function is available!

    04-12-12 03:30 AM
  2. islandfever2009's Avatar
    If they added an rss reader to SS like the social feeds app, I would be ecstatic. It's the only feature that keeps this from being the best social networking app ever!
    04-19-12 06:32 PM
  3. tre5tackz's Avatar
    It is basically May and still no signs of an update.
    04-30-12 01:12 AM