1. Griffspen's Avatar
    My Blackberry Tour gives me the “unable to reach SugarSync servers” error. My TCP/IP settings are APN Enabled.
    Anyone else using this app and able to get it working?
    07-17-09 08:27 AM
  2. Agent Y's Avatar
    i have had the same issue and was wondering if anyone has gotten it to work. I have played around with the APN settings, and no luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    07-19-09 03:40 AM
  3. smurray's Avatar
    same problem here
    07-19-09 05:22 AM
  4. xviddaddy's Avatar
    wouldnt bother with it, RDM is better, one of payment as well ,not a monthly payment for more gigs to use, 2 gig is no use to anyone and it takes ages to add files crap! cheers
    07-19-09 05:38 AM