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    I am bothered by all the iPhone love by app makers. I am not into farting apps, or racing game apps, comic book reader apps but I would love to be able to catch an hour or two of the PGA Championship today. If I owned an iPhone, I would have an app to watch the marquee groups live. The PGA Championship is just another golf tournament that shows respect to the iPhone and leaves BlackBerry owners out in the cold.

    As a BB lover, it annoys the heck out of me that the iPhone (and its measly number of devices sold compared to BB) gets the attention of the app makers.

    If VZW gets the iPhone and EAS is *almost* as good as getting email and calendar through a BES, I may have to consider a switch if this trend (and others) continues. There are many garbage apps out there but there are a handful that are available for the iPhone that I wish were available for BB.
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