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    Announcing Version 1.0.0 of SongTracks

    Add enhanced MIDI and Karaoke support to your phone. SongTracks builds on top of the basic BlackBerry® media player MIDI playback and provides the following:

    • Play, Pause, Stop and rewind MIDI playback.
    • Show elapsed and total time.
    • Sing along to song lyrics as they are displayed during playback.
    • View MIDI tracks and their names
    • Mute and Unmute tracks - just like on a real sound board
    • Explore MIDI events inside each track using the Event List viewer
    • Play notes on piano keyboard in the Event List viewer
    • Filter which type of events are shown in the Event list viewer
    • Keep track of song tempo with blinking BlackBerry® LED
    • Includes sample MIDI files containing Karaoke information
    • Keeps a list of the last viewed files
    • SongTracks is registered as a content handler for *.mid and *.kar files.

    A free 3 day trial version of the app can be downloaded from
    the AppWorld
    04-13-12 08:28 PM