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    I invite you to check my programs from the Anagrammatist family:
    Do you play scrabble? Do you solve crosswords? The Anagrammatist checks if given word is valid and finds anagrams for given letters/word. You may also use 'unknown letters' (blanks) and the Anagrammatist will give you the list of all the words you may create from the given letters.
    Currently program is available in three versions:
    Anagrammatist EN uses the TWL 2006 and the SOWPODS dictionaries used in word games.
    Anagrammatist IT uses dictionary with over 580 000 words used in Italian word games.
    Anagrammatist FR uses dictionary with almost 380 000 words used in French word games.
    Each dictionary contains 2-15 letters long words.
    You may check the definition of any word from the result set (internet connection needed) just by clicking/tapping on the word.
    The Anagrammatist supports smartphones, tablets and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.
    BlackBerry App World
    10-24-12 08:12 AM

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