1. allstrzg's Avatar
    Does anybody know of an AM/FM radio app?
    04-02-10 09:21 AM
  2. tm24fan8's Avatar
    I would think the hardware would have to be capable of picking up those frequencies before an app could be made. But there are a few apps (FlyCast, iHeartRadio, etc) that let you listen to online streams of some FM stations. I also have an app that was specifically built for 93X, a rock station in Minneapolis, so I can listen to my favorite rock station anywhere in the country. As far as actual AM/FM though, I have yet to see anything.
    04-02-10 09:42 AM
  3. StPaulGuRu's Avatar
    What's this 93X app you speak of?
    04-02-10 09:50 AM
  4. allstrzg's Avatar
    I basically need an AM app. I work until 9 and I would like to listen to the baseball games rather than spending money on an app.
    04-02-10 09:59 AM
  5. pshift's Avatar
    Nobex radio companion gets AM and FM radio stations in the US. If your station has a livestream, you can most likely get their broadcast.

    Works for me to get AM and FM radio station streams.
    04-02-10 11:11 AM
  6. joggy's Avatar
    WunderRadio also pulls in live streams for AM/FM.
    04-02-10 12:36 PM
  7. nm1k0's Avatar
    For baseball there is the mlb at bat app that you can stream the live radio.

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    04-02-10 12:43 PM
  8. allstrzg's Avatar
    I shouldve clarified in the topic that im looking for a FREE AM/FM app... Nobex doesn't have the station I'm looking for and takes awfully long to load, any other suggestions?
    04-03-10 12:56 AM
  9. joggy's Avatar
    OK, for free then you can try YourMuze (formerly Moodio):

    Welcome | Yourmuze.FM

    While not an app (runs via browser), it does a nice job streaming live AM/FM once you setup your stations list. I have my local AM/FM talk/sports stations setup for listening.
    04-03-10 05:39 AM
  10. dancing-bass's Avatar
    ... why not go to your local "buck or 2" store and drop some pocket change on a AM/FM radio? they're probably not the greatest quality but then you can be sure you can pick up the AM station you want.

    Practical solution? yes. Fancy/sexy like a Blackberry? no.
    04-03-10 08:11 AM
  11. CharredPC's Avatar
    For all the different radio transceivers in my 9700, you'd think they could get one of them to tune broadcast radio. It may even be theoretically possible, but RIM wouldn't allow direct access to the hardware for such an app to be made. It'd be awesome though.
    04-03-10 08:21 AM
  12. utterlymoi's Avatar
    I piggyback on joggy--- you can stream your favorite am and fm radio stations from yourmuze.fm I have all my favorite stations streaming without issues to my Tour.
    04-03-10 08:28 AM
  13. Pure1rish's Avatar
    I Heart Radio- This App will stream stations from all around the country.

    For Baseball fans I tell them to search the city for the station that carries the ball game. I know that stream baseball games for these teams because I have found them for friends or customers.

    Reds, Cubs, Sox, R.Sox, Royals, Twins and I believe I found a NY station for the Yankees. Good Luck!
    04-03-10 09:05 AM
  14. allstrzg's Avatar
    I can't find the station for the yankees on iheartradio.

    The station I need is 880WCBS and on yourmuze.fm it is a pls file which can't open on my 9700
    04-04-10 07:27 PM