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    Can anybody please upload app world as .alx / .cod file !?
    I cant download the App World directly.

    Thanks alot !

    I have found intruction from another thread how to backup apps via Desktop Manager.

    Backup 3rd Party Apps

    1)Download & install the newest Desktop Manager Version HERE

    2) Connect BB

    3) Open DM

    4) Select Switch Device Wizard

    5) Select Switch BB Devices

    6) Select Next

    7) Select USB & then your PIN #

    8) Select Next. Enter your Password if required

    9) Uncheck User Data & Settings and also Include Messages so that only 3rd Party Apps is selected

    10) Select Next

    11) When it's done backing up leave the screen as is.
    DO NOT select Next or Cancel

    12) Search your computer Folders & Files for a folder with your PIN # as the name. DEFINITELY check System Files & Hidden Files as well

    13) After you find it, copy it & SAVE it to a easy accessible place

    14) Go back to the Switch Device Wizard page that we left alone & cancel it. ALSO, check and make sure the folder IS saved before Canceling or the folder will be LOST
    05-14-09 02:44 AM
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    Here you go.

    BlackBerry App World

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    05-14-09 02:49 AM
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    ArmaK youre a genius. Thank u very much. At least i know why i couldnt download blackberry app world because RIM is offering app world only in UK,US and Canada. Europe doesnt count to the world i guess.

    Could you do me a last favor: Can you also upload Bloomberg LP as .alx from Appworld ? There are some versions floating on rapidshare but these arent the same free one.
    05-14-09 08:31 AM
  4. djangodjango's Avatar
    Never mind. Finally Found Bloomberg LP here :

    http :// btest.bloomberg.com/blackberry

    05-14-09 10:56 AM
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    How do you go about getting the .alx files?
    06-09-10 10:25 AM
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    I could not download it from the rapidshare, can anybody send me the Application World for my Storm to my address a_alqaisi"at"yahoo.com
    06-17-10 02:39 AM
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    Says i'm missing some file...

    07-04-10 04:37 PM
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    05-14-13 06:16 PM