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    I'm already using QuickLaunch,

    but after seeing myownhotkeys, quicklaunch and shortcutme require one additional step which is to open the app itself, then clicking the shortcut to open the app.

    Is there any other alternatives to myownhotkeys? Or is there any capabilities in quicklaunch or shortcutme that allows me to set home screen shortcuts? without having to open the quicklaunch first?
    06-08-12 10:10 AM
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    It wasn't any app doing what MyOwnHotKeys does. That was the reason why it was developed.
    There were some apps that could assign some hotkeys but none of them could override existing hotkeys, and none of them could allow you to have multi clicks for hotkeys.

    The other important feature of the MyOwnHotKeys, a feature that is not available to any other app from other vendors, is its ability to directly run macros in ShortcutMe.

    That means that for example a shortcut that turns on Bluetooth, enables BB Bridge, and enables BB Remote Control on the BlackBerry, can be launched with a single click of one hotkey.

    Macro shortcuts are now easily available to everyone thanks to the Plugin feature of ShortcutMe: Users just copy a file to their BB's micro SD card and start using the macro as a function picked from a list (instead of writing a macro).
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    06-08-12 01:24 PM