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    Is there an alternative media player available that isn't dependent on the standard volume controls? My volume-up key won't do anything, although volume down will.

    It's okay if the program is dependent on the normal volume buttons IF it can be made to start-out at a high volume, as volume-down works okay. What I'd really like, though, is a program that can adjust volume up-down without using the dedicated buttons at all.

    It would be for a Blackberry Bold with OS 5.


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    02-20-11 01:36 PM
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    I did find this link, and it seems to state that all the players have their own volume control vs using the system one, if I read that correctly. (The article writer regards that as a disadvantage, for understandable reasons--but in my case, it would be a GOOD thing.)

    I'm not griping, but I am asking--the last several posts I've done, no one ever replies. Am I violating some sort of protocol? I do search prior to posting, and often-times, if I find something that helped but didn't help enough to solve the problem, I link to that so others who follow a thread can possibly benefit from it--and so other would-be helpers will see that I am doing some research of my own.

    (Lately, the volume-up button is working better after a 5-minute battery pull anyway.)


    02-21-11 01:26 PM