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    I have a storm 9350 and was getting the JVM Error 102, so I followed these directions:

    If you get "JVM Error 102" when starting your Blackberry, read this before you wipe everything!!

    I had spent hours searching for a solution to this problem (I even went to my service provider) and all I could find was that I would have to wipe the contents of my phone and start all over again -- tough luck if I didn't have backups for my contacts, appointments, program data, etc.

    What it comes down to is that the JVM 102 error means that a .cod file on your phone seems to be corrupt, so the phone refuses to load it. Why wipe everything for one bad file? You might not need to!

    Follow these steps:

    1.Download JL_Cmder

    2.Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with it.

    3. Run JL_Cmder and select option 2 (event log)

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the log and look for "JVM Error 102." The line before it should tell you exactly what file is causing the error. It might look something like this. Save the file name; you will need it later.

    5. Go to Start > Run, and type "cmd" then press Enter.

    6. Change directory to the JL_Cmder installation folder.
    e.g., type: cd "C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\" and press enter

    7.Type the following command to remove the offending file:

    javaloader.exe -u erase -f FILENAME

    where FILENAME is the name of the .cod file.

    8. Disconnect your phone from your PC and restart it.
    Upon rebooting phone, all my folders and apps are really tiny and are all on the home screen. Some of the fonts and colors look different too. The phone still works, browser works, etc. I'm running 5.0 OS. Should I downgrade, or wipe entire OS and re install 5.0? I'm very much a novice, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    10-10-09 09:11 PM
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    this normally happens if you delete part of the default theme. not sure if you used shrink-a-os or not.
    10-10-09 11:20 PM