1. physicxnad's Avatar
    Just wondering if there are any AIM clients for the BB that uses a per messages charge instead of data, because I have unlimited messages but not data. If anyone knows, how much data does Jive Talk or some of the other clients use?

    09-15-07 01:30 PM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    There is an SMS version of AIM I used on my old phones with Verizon. It consists of "shortcodes" you use to setup and operate. You would have to search for the code online, but you basically just send SMS to the codes to sign on, message buddies etc. Try sending a message to 4646 followed by your username and pass like this: 4646 username pass

    I tried to search for the list of codes but I can't seem to find it - but I know its out there. Hope that helps. I used to use it non stop so if you need help with it hit me up.
    10-08-07 03:50 PM
  3. gforce#CB's Avatar
    with aim you can know make it so that when you're signed off aim, you go mobile and all IMs are sent directly to your mobile phone as text messages, which you can reply to via text.

    I'm almost sure that it's solely a text message, and that you don't get charged for anything (unless you don't have unlimited texting)
    10-21-07 02:31 PM