1. Stormy99's Avatar
    ok so I downloaded the freebie version of weatherbug version since i had the app on my storm and liked it. well i'm not certain yet but i do believe there is an issue with it because the icon shows it's raining all the time and well it's a beautiful sunny day.. if i change locations around the country the icon changes but for some reason in the areas around me it stays the same. the temperature updates perfectly fine. I am unsure if the app is working properly or not it never locks up or anything so i'm keen to say it's ok but i'm unsure. I'm fairly computer savvy but my first bb was the 9530 storm and the tour is my second.

    either way i updated DM and uninstalled the app using that. went into app world on the tour says that the app was archived to the media card. so i deleted it and now it just stays in my world as "uninstalled" will it always be there like that or is there a way to remove it from there? i'm almost thinking i'll have to reinstall app world but i don't know. a search yielded no results so i come to the masters for knowledge
    08-30-09 09:35 PM
  2. chrischoi's Avatar
    I think it just says uninstalled and stays there as a log.

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    08-30-09 10:18 PM
  3. alb123's Avatar
    I've installed and then uninstalled a few apps from BlackBerry App World and they did stay listed in My World, although, they now say "uninstalled". Like chrischoi stated, I'm sure the logic behind this is a reminder of which applications you've 'tried' on App World, or whatever...

    08-31-09 12:21 AM