1. SoCal90210's Avatar
    Does anyone have any experience with this app?
    It enables your device to run apps from sdcard, what would be the best thing ever. I still have a 9000 and could really use it but before I spend 5 bucks, I would like to get some feedback.

    There is just one review at the app world yet:

    BlackBerry World - Aerize Loader - Run apps from SD card utility
    05-08-13 06:03 AM
  2. The Selected Fruit's Avatar
    I saw this too and agree that this would be the best thing ever because it would free up the memory on the Bold.

    However, when I saw this flagged up over on BlackBerryOS website a couple of days ago, I went into the BlackBerry World to read the reviews. (I am not an early adopter!) There were 2 other reviews (since removed/deleted) that didn't appear to be gushing with praise (one review was in Italian and my Italian isn't the best).

    I am tempted to contact the developer and see if he is prepared to offer a trial period first before any purchase.
    05-08-13 07:39 AM
  3. diffused's Avatar
    I will tell you what I remember. I still have this on an 8330 which I use to save all the old games on from 5 years ago. It did not actually save the game software on the card but rather a link to somehow download it back onto the device when you wanted. When you initially download say, a game, the page will show a box in which to check if you want to download to your SD card. I works pretty well. I found after several downloads, the box didn't show up anymore. A quick reboot and I was back in business. Also I was a theme junkie then and it didn't seem to be able to save my themes. All in all, I am glad I still have on that phone since it was extremely limited on memory. Now days our new BlackBerrys do not have this issue so I really don't think a purchase is necessary. BUT, I see you have that 9000 so I would say go for it.
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    05-08-13 08:25 AM

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