08-16-09 03:58 PM
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  1. setasai's Avatar
    Would there be any way for the "open" button to go directly to the message instead of the inbox or sms?

    It would save an extra click to open it before i either decide to read it or reply to it.

    11-28-08 03:41 AM
  2. Slingbox's Avatar
    Arz I know you got alot going on but how about pop up with some cool looking animation when build gets tighter..

    Maybe A pop up that looks like a envelope displaying name of sender / Picture / some of message with (Open) (OK) (Delete) tabs

    When you select (Open) envelope opens with animation and sound then taking you to pending inbox or directly into message.
    When you choose (OK) tab envelope animation shrinks down to nothing with a sound.
    Maybe add a (Delete) tab on envelope ,When you delete message Envelope crunches with crunching up paper sound.

    You can choose your pop up display setting & sound in settings.
    If that visual effect could be installed on memory card during Aerize installation then pulled when pending comes in device memory would be saved with a very cool look on a already cool app
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    12-16-08 03:03 PM
  3. hudss's Avatar
    I would like the ability to disable the alerts when using certain apps
    12-16-08 07:27 PM
  4. gtownie's Avatar
    Totally agree with previous poster requesting an option to remove the picture since I also have no pictures of anyone on my phone. Futhermore, I would like to see integration with bbm (blackberry messenger). That's it for me - excellent program.

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    12-17-08 01:49 PM
  5. aerize's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestions. We think you'll be pleased with 1.2.1, coming soon.
    12-17-08 06:28 PM
  6. revwill's Avatar
    Vote #3 for compatibility with the Gmail app
    12-27-08 03:50 PM
  7. StormChaser1776's Avatar
    Being able to chose delete on handheld or on server would be great!
    08-16-09 03:58 PM
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