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    Looking for suggestions on IM services in addition to BBM. Have recently tried AIM for a small group my siblings, of which all don't have BBs.

    What i've experienced so far with AIM that i don't like (i know, nothing is as good as BBM...) the random signing out of AIM without warning, long delays in getting messages to & from (sometimes then receiving a string of messages that were clearly not sent together), & that i can't send a message to someone if they are signed out. We only use the IMs from our smartphones, not our PCs.

    Prefer a service that is free. Is google talk or yahoo messenger any more reliable than what i've seen from AIM so far?
    10-27-10 10:49 PM
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    Yahoo messenger seems to work fairly well. It worked well when I had my BB and it works well on my Droid 2.

    It allows me and my BB friends to share files also. it seems to work on iphone also.

    If you are open to experimenting, you could try ping chat or the live profile beta, which offers d/r notification just like bbm, but it is ofcourse a beta, and I'm not sure what the BB interface is like on either of those, but both are pretty good for android, and ping chat is popular for apple.
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    If you use more then just aim, trillian is good. I've used it since I got a tour a couple months ago, and not a single issue from it

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    10-28-10 04:53 AM
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    Google Talk is VERY stable. No random sign outs. It looks just like BBM. I use Google Talkas much as BBM now. I still have AIM but it's pretty useless for the reasons you mentioned in your OP.

    Google Talk

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    I use aim, yahoo, msn, and google talk. I agree that google talk works well and is stable. I like yahoo the most, because it allows me to send instant messages to contacts that are offline. (Google talk might support that feature, too; aim and msn do not.) Yahoo's also quite stable. It stays logged in, and there's no need to refresh the contact list (doesn't even have that function) like with msn and aim.
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    I always use msn and bbm. I found an I'm service called nimbuzz that allows you to sign into your msn, skype, yahoo, google talk, facebook, aim and myspace accounts in the same app. Its really cool. However I mainly use it for facebook and msn. But if you have the others its pretty nice.

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    10-28-10 09:46 AM