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    I don't know where to begin with this. Yesterday was a long day. I purchased a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net (which I've since learnt is based on the Pogoplug device) with the intention of storing all of my music on one of my USB hard drives, connected to the GoFlex Net, which I will use as a NAS Media Server. I've set the GoFlex Net up with the Windows File Sharing (SMB) service and I can access the GoFlex Net drive no problem from any computer on my local network, but I cannot access it from my Blackberry. I have not mapped the Network Drive to assign a Drive Letter, but I don't know if this matters or not. I have little interest in using the Pogoplug Cloud Server service, as I just want to access my files locally without using the internet connection.

    One of the reasons I purchased it was to access music from my Blackberry so I can play music from that with it connected to my sound system, and without needing the PC on.

    The literature regarding the GoFlex Net made me think this was the product I would need:

    Free apps enable access to your files from iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices
    Listen to your music, watch your movies and access your files from iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android mobile devices

    Stream photos, movies and music to networked Macs, PCs, game consoles and media players
    The first problem I encountered was that the "free app" (which turned out to be the "Pogoplug" app) for Blackberry didn't seem to exist. Well, there was no link for it on the web-based setup pages, only links for the iPad, iPhone and Android apps. So I did a AppWorld search on my Blackberry which didn't show it either. Next I searched online, and this shows it on AppWorld, but as soon as I log in, it says "The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination." and the download link is gone. After further searching online I found I can still download the Blackberry app from the Pogoplug website, which I have done but it isn't installed on my phone at this point. I don't have the Desktop Manager installed on the PC or a USB lead (it's packed away somewhere as I'm moving soon) which is required to install it on my phone.

    I know I probably could install the Desktop version of the Pogoplug app if I use another way to copy the files to my phone (such as a WiFi File Transfer app) and then run the installation once the files are on my phone, or easier, if I had an OTA version which I could upload on my own webspace.... but right now, I'm not even sure the Pogoplug app will provide the functionality I was expecting (and it doesnt have great reviews either). I'm assuming it will only allow me to access files on the Pogoplug account's cloud server, if used, and not allow me to access my NAS Media Server locally. Some clarification on that would be good before I even bother with the app.

    So, moving on, I started to look for other apps that will allow me to access the NAS Media Server from my Blackberry. I pretty much spent the entire day searching for apps online in AppWorld on my Blackberry, researching them, and reading about other people's experiences with trying to access a Local Network drive from their Blackberry with only a few success stories seeming to pop up, and a lot of people saying that it is not possible from a Blackberry, or requires a lot of third-party modification because of the Blackberry's limitations.

    But in the end I found two different apps which seemed like they would have made access possible:

    Hypoxia - WiFi Media Player and Server (by mblware)

    I found this one in AppWorld using my phone. I thought I'd finally found what I needed after reading the Description and some of the reviews:

    For the first time on a Blackberry Smartphone, you can stream spported audio, or video* TO and FROM your home wifi network!
    I've been trying for ages to get decent UPnP media stream from NAS Server to my BB 9700. I installed this and got instant results. The app found my NAS immediately and I was playing music and looking at pictures within seconds.

    The only reason I chose 4 stars was that it has a slight lag loading lists, but with a 12,000+ playlist maybe I just have to accept this....
    Optimistic at first, I paid the 4.00 for it, got it installed and tried it out. While I was out I didn't really have any way of testing it other than trying to add the "Sample" song that came with the phone into the app's database, which wouldn't work. It would not appear in the database or playback within the app. Maybe the .m4a file type is not supported.

    Going to the "Network" option in the Media Browser while I was out would give a "Tunnel Failure" message. Once home and connected to my Local Network through wifi, this message stopped appearing. However, after the animated Network icon stops moving (assuming this means it has finished searching) the Network list would still be empty. I've spent a long time searching online for help and trying different things but nothing has fixed this yet.

    When Hypoxia is running on my mobile while connected to my network, I can see it from any computer in My Network Places if I click the link on that computer to "Show icons for networked UPnP devices" which opens a Windows Firewall port.

    Mobile File Manager (by Rove)

    This one I found suggested in a number of places, and while unsure if it would allow me to simply playback Music files without first "copying" them to the phone, I wanted to try it out because it is supposed to support Windows File Sharing and supposedly allows connection to network shares:

    First of all ROVE Mobile File Manager is basically a file client for your BlackBerry. Mobile File Manager supports Windows File Sharing, WebDAV, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure FTP (SFTP) connections. Pretty hot stuff especially for a free product!
    Mobile File Manager allows you to connect to remote computers and network shares. Edit web pages and deploy sites, upload photos to websites, transfer files, view graphics on remote computers, edit configuration files, monitor log files and much more, all from your handheld.
    Even though the product is discontinued I was able to get an old download online, then modify the URLs in the .jad file of the OTA version which I then uploaded to my webspace, before browsing to the hosted .jad file's location on my Blackberry to install it.

    But I've not been able to connect with this either and I'm really not sure how to set the options up properly. Searching for help I've found a number of other people with similar problems but limited solutions have been provided. I did see this message posted which implies others have been able to connect to their Local Network using the phone's wifi without any problems:

    Did you set the Connection method to "Wi-Fi" ? What did you set as the URL of the Windows File Share? I use an 8320 as well and use Wifi to access my file shares with no problems.

    I entered "smb://myservername/myrootfolder", as well as my windows username and password to connect to the file share.
    I've been looking online for a while and I really not 100% what I have to put for the SMB url. Basically the relevant options available in the app are:

    Connect Using: BES/MDS, TCP/IP, BIS, or Wi-Fi
    I've selected Wi-Fi.

    Windows Browser Host:
    Windows User Name:
    Windows Password:
    I have no idea what I really need to put here, or if I even need to use it at all. This might only be for connecting to a computer running Windows (which I am not trying to do) or for when attempting to connect to my Local Network using the other options in Application Settings.

    And on the main screen, if you press the Blackberry menu button, and select "New", you get the following options:

    Please choose a connection type: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Windows File Sharing
    I select Windows File Sharing here, which leads me to:

    URL: smb://
    I've tried putting what I assume is the url for the NAS Network Server's drive as the SMB url (basically I mean the path which appears as the "Target" if I view its Properties in My Network Places), but this doesn't work. Everything I've tried has still left me getting no further than the "Fetching Server Root Folder" screen when I try to open the connection.

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give full details of what I want to do, and what I've tried, but right now I'm lost for how to move forward with getting to stream music across my Local Network from my NAS media server to my Blackberry.

    Any help or advice is appreciated.
    06-26-12 12:36 PM
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    Annoying thing is, this is exactly what I want to do, but it's on Android:

    Play music from network drive, no server needed - Android Forums
    06-26-12 03:53 PM
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    Not too impressed with the responses I got from both Seagate and Pogoplug. There was absolutely no mention in advertising literature for the Seagate GoFlex Net that the app wouldn't be compatible with certain Blackberry models, or even mention that the app was in fact Pogoplug, meaning I could always have checked compatibility myself to be sure before purchasing. At this point all I've really had is an apology.

    So, I was wondering if anyone has the downloaded OTA version of the Pogoplug app which I could get a copy of? Or anyone who has a "compatible" model could download it from AppWorld so I can get a copy? As I'd mentioned previously, as soon as I log into AppWorld I can no longer access the download link because my model is "not compatible"...

    At least I can try to see if it will work with the 9300...
    06-30-12 03:42 PM