1. cd36's Avatar
    So I've tried a couple of different programs to access files on my computer from my blackberry, with not great results.

    RDM+: It connects alright to the computer, but it is fairly slow. I try to transfer files and I'm getting very very slow file transfer speeds. The file browser is very nice, its just painfully slow to download anything. Like a couple kb/sec slow.

    TSMobile: WOrks great, very fast connection, but of course no way to transfer files directly. I tried e-mailing myself an mp3, but of course the blackberry doesn't even recognize the attachment due to size limitations. Anyway to get around that so I could e-mail myself an mp3 and download it? Or maybe I could set myself up a FTP server to do that.

    Anyone else have any luck transferring files from your computer to your BB?
    08-16-09 11:28 AM