1. DaveTheA's Avatar
    I am on vacation. I have 100+ pictures on my BB9900,and I'd like to store them to make room for more.

    I have a solid WIFI connection, but phone service where I am is expensive and iffy.

    I have installed Dropbox on my 9900 Bold. I have installed Filescout trial version that will apparently NOT do the SINGLE Thing I need it to do without a plugin which I have to download separately OTA. However my phone service is expensive and iffy, as previously mentioned and after a few failed attempts I am unwilling to try again.

    I am getting annoyed and frustrated. Does anybody out there have any suggestions or tricks I could use to achieve my aims? I would also be interested in hearing WHY THE **** there can't be a simple menu command like "Send To Dropbox" on my BB after installing that app.

    That is all. Thanks in advance, etc.
    01-09-13 02:37 PM
  2. tfp's Avatar
    Can you not open the Dropbox app and select "upload photo" "from gallery" and do it that way? While I understand that you have 100+ photos that you would like to move to the cloud and this only does 1 photo at a time is very time consuming, it should work over WiFi no problem, so it shouldn't affect your expensive and iffy phone service.

    Are you saving the pics to your phone or to a memory card? I know that while I was in Portugal, I managed to fill my 8GB memory card and before I could get back to my laptop to dump them, I just switched to "save to device memory" and voila! the 9900 has 6GB of on device memory itself. Made my day a little less worrisome about deleting photos or missing shots.
    01-09-13 03:03 PM
  3. DaveTheA's Avatar
    Tfp -- Thank you, both for pointing out a solution I hadn't guessed at, and for not pointing out that I'm a dumbass for not RTFM. In my own defense, I'll just say that when I searched for answers to similar problems nobody mentioned the fact that you can upload pix from WITHIN Dropbox.

    I'll just add that it sure would be nice if there was a Dropbox app that integrated itself into the general BB menu system. Somehow this is possible for Facebook and Twitter apps...
    01-09-13 03:23 PM
  4. tfp's Avatar
    No worries man when on vacation, our focus is on enjoying the trip, not troubleshooting apps lol

    To your second point, I believe there will be "deep" box integration on BB10 from what I've read, not sure if that will help you with your next trip lol
    01-10-13 12:19 PM

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