1. erose75's Avatar
    Has anyone heard any reason why RIM only allocates 512MB of memory for apps? What is the purpose of having 8GB of internal memory? Maybe for music and media? Why not just let all the available memory be available for apps, music, and media...like an iPod?
    11-15-11 06:00 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
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    Yes the 8GB internal memory is for media. The reason it is not for storing apps has to do with a BB's security. This way keeps files from being tampered with, or corrupted files being added directly.

    This topic is frequently debated...
    11-15-11 08:55 PM
  3. mubz23's Avatar
    hi, is there a way to see what is taking up the 512mb memory, i have only like 3 apps installed, total less than 20mb, but it shows only 65mb left out of 512mb? what else on the phone could be taking up the space? any advice would be appreciated
    06-07-12 02:16 PM