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    I am using my Bold 9700 for about two weeks now, being fairly happy with it. I spend the first week loading it with apps before activating it on the BES, due to certain restrictions our company has implemented in terms of installing new apps.

    All worked fine till two days ago, when suddenly some applications stopped connection, while others still go on fine. Gmail application won't log me in after trying for about two minutes with the comment that I need a working data connection, quicklaunch will not update the weather info, etc. On the other hand Opera works fine, googleapp (search, news, maps) work fine....

    Can there be any specific reasons for that or is this some sort of behavior that the BES scans for some stuff and disables them occasionaly?

    Will appreciate any kind of feedback!


    p.s. GSM/3G network - T-Mobile
    02-06-10 03:27 PM