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    This is a very specific question none will probably know the answer to, but I figured I would give it a shot. I am running my blackberry Tour on Page Plus Cellular. I have the service books to be able to use the browser and BBM. The phone is pretty much fully functional, with exception of one big thing. I can not use blackberry app world. I gives me:
    The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination.
    I did find a download of an old version of blackberry bridge but it will not update. It says "unable to find the requested server". The old version of blackberry bridge does work but as I said, it is old.

    Is there any way I could get around this? Is there a full 3rd party download of blackberry bridge, so I wouldn't have to go through blackberry to get it? Is there a way to fool blackberry into thinking I have verizon so I can download it from blackberry?
    11-06-11 09:13 AM
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    You should be able to get it here. RROYY - APPLICATIONS
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    11-06-11 09:43 AM
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    You should be able to get it here. RROYY - APPLICATIONS
    Thanks, but it didn't work. I got an error that says "Download failed" when I select details it says "907 Invalid COD file not found".

    What does that mean?
    11-06-11 12:27 PM
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    Humm you're the second one to say you get that error.
    11-06-11 02:39 PM