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    Opera Mini on my 8900 locked up so I hit alt, upper button, and del to reboot the phone. I would just get a red blinking LED so I did a battery pull, now the BlackBerry screen comes up and the loading bar gets to about half at which point it starts over again. No new apps or anything has been installed, why is this happening? I tried taking out the SIM and the memory card to no avail.
    06-03-10 12:48 PM
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    I also wanted to mention that this has happened twice before...I ended up wipping the device one time and actually got a new phone the other time. I don't want to wipe here because I haven't backed up in 1.5 weeks. Why would this happen all by itself? I can understand if it was a bad install, or uncompatible program but I didn't install anything recently.

    I love my phone but am loosing faith in BB for reliability.

    I tried booting in safe mode (holding escape after red LED goes out) and it didn't work, in fact, I have never been able to get that to work.

    OS is 5.0. I think .438?

    Red moisture sticker with a white minus sign means good right? Black is bad?
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    06-03-10 03:02 PM
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    Red moisture sticker with a white minus sign means good right? Black is bad?
    I think it should be a white sticker with a red minus sign and I believe that if the whole sticker is pink/red is Bad.

    This may solve the issue >> Do an '' overnight '' battery pull. Many of crackberry users had their similar problems solved buy leaving the battery out for the whole night.


    You can reload/reinstall your OS and using BBSAK to backup your whole phone memory including the 3rd party applications.


    See if you can find anything which you might consider usefull to solve YOUR problem. Link >> http://forums.crackberry.com/f52/pho...tarting-96825/
    06-04-10 12:45 PM
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    I tried searching around for hours and nothing worked. I ended up wipping the phone last night and am now on (I think it is the newest official release). Unfortunately I did loose some things but not too bad, my last backup was early May...oh well...I still don't know why this happened...
    06-04-10 01:24 PM
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    So, problem solved .. but you had to wipe the phone for it to be fixed !
    06-04-10 01:32 PM