1. Wilm Wrightsvill's Avatar
    I updated to the new version of SLACKER the other day (2.0 or something)... Now when you click on SLACKER and try to listen to a station, a blue box pops up stating "You must be online to stream stations." Now granted, there was always interruptions when trying to listen to stations when not on wifi...
    But, if you had all signal bars, it would sometimes stream pretty well.
    Note: if you turn on wifi, it operates fine, and you can listen to stations with no problem.
    *Of course, if you have cached stations, they have nothing to do with signal and play as they should.

    Just wondering if anyone else if getting this blue pop-up box when not connected to wifi? Thanks.
    06-29-09 07:07 PM
  2. ANPIII's Avatar
    yeah while on Slacker was buffering then
    music plays but has quiet spots like pauses and highpitch while pauses.
    07-10-09 03:26 PM