1. rjd107's Avatar
    This is a really random question and i highly doubt its possible but... So i bought my 8350i from sprint a couple months ago and have almost hated it since, main reason is pandora and it forcing to use the bloody wifi which i hate since i'm most of the time not anywhere near wifi that i can use, is there any way to get around it whether disabling the wifi permenatly or running a crack of some sort? Yes i know slacker and radio companion are out there and they both SUCK, they have so much crap they lag horrible and the songs turn into crap or they didn't think to buffer the song long enough to be able to play the entire song... So any idea on Pandora and the 8350i

    02-25-10 11:44 PM
  2. juttin3's Avatar
    mm nextel is slow like dial up , sprint wont upgrade it .nothing you can do to phone. get a sprint mifi and pay more money so your phone can work normal 3g speeds . amazing how we pay same price for our phones and get less than a quarter of 3g speeds and access to many apps that sprint phones can do. wish the tour 2 /bold would have been out by now..
    02-26-10 08:26 AM